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2017 received the Chamber of Commerce "Outstanding Emerging Business of the Year" award

June 14, 2016, TAFP steps up American Flag distribution in Palm Coast, Florida.   Some streets have American Flags on 100% of the homes.

June 21, 2016, The City of Palm Coast Florida just Proclaimed Patriot Weeks, from today thru Independence Day.

June  28, 2016,  Orlando FL Ch13 reporter Brittany Jones and cameraman Frank come to Palm Coast to film a special to be aired 5:00 pm  on Independence Day!

​July 1, 2016, First Friday at Flagler Beach,

July 4, 2016, The American Flag's CEO, Nikki Lee White was the keynote speaker at Palm Coast's  Hero Park. 

July 4, 2016, TAFP  had a Tent at The Palm Coast Independence Day Celebration at Town Center.

Palm Coast The Most Patriotic City in America. 



Conley Court, in Beautiful Palm Coast, Florida and Founders Nikki and Larry White's First Adopted Street.

The City Council of Palm Coast, Florida presenting the Proclamation of  The Most Patriotic City in America  

to the founders of The American Flag Project, Nikki and Larry White.       June 14, 2016.                The reading by Bill McGuire

The American Flag Project.orgC

                        Award presented

               by the Chamber of Commerce .

Call to Donate

We offer many flags, flag and pole kits. Flags and pole sales plus donations help fund our Free Flag distribution program.This one is on Cimmaron Drive, Palm Coast, Florida.


                                   Flagler County as The Most Patriotic County in America
The Flagler County Board Commissioners, on the 5th day of June, 2017, declared in part:
"WHEREAS,  The American Flag Project strives to make Flagler County the most patriotic County in America by displaying U.S. flags in front of homes and businesses across the County

Two  very important Florida Laws directly apply to our buying and using American, State and local government flags:

1. The All American Flag Act


View Entire Chapter 720.304 Right of owners to peaceably assemble; display of flag; SLAPP suits prohibited.

1. Requires all Florida Governments, State , County,  City to buy and use only Flags Made in the USA.

2. Prevents HOAs from restricting  use of Flags and spells  out  precisely what home owners can do...with impunity. As it should be.

Our links above are directly to the legislation. We would be proud to show up at your next board meeting and help them understand.